May 2, 2009

Sometimes! I lose the battle of ... FEAR!

Dear Friends, It has been way too long since I last blogged. God has been doing unbelievable things on our behalf. As you may know we are about to move our church the Summit Church into the Circuit City building in Trussville. Our church is so amazing. It is unbelievable what God has done in 2.6 years. The new building started as just an idea. Our building was too small and yet we really didn't know what else to do in this economy. Then all of a sudden in the Birmingham newspaper it spoke of churches taking over large retail places, and it had a picture of the Circuit City Building. I was able to meet the owner by mere chance. He is a very sharp man. Just for him to take time to talk with us was a miracle. To make a long story short we signed the lease for four years. The whole process took a little more than two months, before we presented the vision to The Summit. This will be our fifth move and I just wanted the warriors to be patient. I guess really I am the one learning patience, and yet- not really. You see we still have to find another loan for the building and the city has to approve re-zoning. I know God is in charge! I know he has led us every step of the way, but....

Through this whole process I have realized that at times a Spirit of fear can consume me. I know as a leader I have to keep my emotions in check. Nevertheless, fear can cripple you and cause you to live in constant doubt. I have always been bold and intense, but secretly battle life fears. When I was on the road it was dreams that I would have about my family being in danger. Those always came in my sleep during times of incredible ministry. You see I realize that there is always some vice the enemy throws your way. The bible tells that God doesn't give us a Spirit of Fear or panic, but a sound mind (II Tim. 1:7). Then I know who brings it, but there are times that the fear can be overwhelming. During this whole process God has forced me to exam my own life. For about two weeks i began to second guess and walk in insecurity. Leaders have to evaluate. We must all develop a full proof plan to stay Courageous. In Joshua God promised that he would he would be with Joshua thru all of the battles and trials. I am reminded of when they went into the promise land and spied out the land Rahab told them that they had heard of how God was with Israel in battle. It literally says the enemy was afraid of them before they got there. So in other words your reputation proceeds you. You see I had to realize that what God promises he completes. Where He guides He provides.

Over the last several weeks I allowed negative voices to speak into my life. In fact most people don't even realize they were being negative. They were just doing life and reality. You see a leader has to be careful of who he/she listens too. Stay around people who are wise and who understand Faith. Now that doesn't mean they won't ever be honest with you and you have to listen, but it is different if you are around those whose own faith is in turmoil. Guard that! Always seek answers from those who are one step ahead of you!

One day as I was praying a dear friend of mine from Mexico sent me a text. He said in the text "Stop Walking in Fear- God has you covered!" If you knew my friend you would know he was shouting! LOL! It was rhema to my spirit. Since then I have realized that I must stay focused on the prize god has for me. As long as I am praying and fighting for righteous things God takes care of the rest. In fact if I or you miss it then God will fix it. He is a great father who walks in Grace and purpose. Today, I know that I have to do what God told Joshua. "keep your eye on the Mercy Seat for we have not been here before." As a leader your always allowed to second guess, in fact this healthy, but you must remember always who gave you the promises.

This has forced me to a new level. In fact, I bet I am a lot easier to live with! Karen is away this weekend speaking at a ladies conference in Ohio. She is so amazing at bringing life to others. When I see her go out I am so amazed. She used to be so afraid of the crowd, but she overcame her fears. She has know idea what an inspiration she is to me. I am so proud of Nate and Abby. They walk in such purpose. I guess what I am trying to say is- I guess as a husband and dad I better keep my emotions in check. I never want to cause those three to back up! I have to realize that everywhere we place our feet God has given us. No more playing possum, but instead declaring freedom. Let's Go Take the City! This leader has learned who Jehovah Jireh is! He is my provider and strength. I love you Jesus. Thank you for loving me in spite of being Pat! Thank you Jesus for great leaders, friends, and most of all my family! See you on top of the Mountain!

February 9, 2009

The Day after my wedding.

Wow. The blog begins. Thanks for reading. It is my goal to be very real and to reveal the heart of God in this blog. Today I want to share a cool moment in my life with you. You will find that I simply love a good story.

Ephesians 3:20 says, God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can think, ask, or imagine. That scriptures rocks my world. That means I can't even imagine what God has planned for you and I.

Today, I watched as my precious wife underwent surgery for her wisdom teeth. Why those teeth are called "wisdom" I will never know? During the hour and a half procedure I waited nervously outside. When it was all done there she was swollen cheeks and all. No matter what she is still gorgeous. I helped her into the car and thought how truly blessed I was to have her.

I remember the day we got married. It was Sept. 29, 1990. We were just kids. We had dated for 1 year and 3 months. I knew the day I met her she would be mine. LOL. I hoped she felt the same. The day after our wedding we were in the mountains of NC. I went outside to do my devotions. I went about 100 yards from the little cabin we had rented. I grabbed my bible for some Jesus time. Then I realized I had brought the wrong bible for my honey moon. I meant too bring my regular bible. I had brought one by accident that I had used in high school. As I sat down to pray on a tree stump a note fell out onto the ground. I picked up the note and began to read. It was a list I had written at 16 years old when I sold out to God. You see I had heard that God would give you the desires of your heart. So I had written a note describing my future spouse. I described her looks (lol), I know, I know. Remember, I was 16. I went on to describe her spirit, smile, and style. I had made a detailed look even down to the color of her eyes. When I read the list I began to weep. God had done it. He had given me the desires of my heart.

You see I am a foolish dreamer. I am an optimist. I believe in favor. Most of all I believe God likes me. I think he even laughs at my jokes. God has chosen us all to dream big, and trust even more. If you ask Him with a pure heart and pure motives- He will take care of you. Just Imagine. Then God takes care of the rest.